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Portable Metal buildings

DSF7632 ret 6x9

Are you in the market for a sturdy, well built storage building? Maybe you’re looking for a portable, “on-site” equipment building–or a feed or tack shed you can move to different parts of the ranch when necessary. Whatever your project needs, we can customize a building that will withstand the elements and maintain a quality appearance.

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Steel Trusses

Steel Trusses and Metal Buildings

Our design services are included in the project estimate figures. Because of our registered engineering capacity, we understand the load bearing, shear transfer, and diaphragm issues that trouble many designers and can offer suitable, innovative solutions.

Our fabricators stand ready for special projects. While we have constructed many standard elements like simple open web joists for ordinary projects, we also have a knack for specialty joist/truss projects with extraordinarily long spans and curved roof lines. These types of trusses are often found in performance halls, fire stations, and gymnasiums.

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